Homes for Sale in Midtown Sacramento

Historic Midtown Sacramento is a vibrant neighborhood that lies east of downtown, bounded by the Southern Pacific rail lines, 29th Street, 16th Street, and W Street. The neighborhood is mostly a residential community that features tree-lined pedestrian-friendly streets, lovely Victorian homes, and a collection of shops, boutiques, restaurants, and numerous art galleries.

Midtown is considered the center of the thriving Sacramento art, music, and cultural scene. The community hosts a variety of events and gatherings where artists get to showcase their talent, including the popular art walk, a monthly event that attracts thousands of visitors and residents. The community enjoys an exciting nightlife as well, with plenty of bars, clubs, and restaurants scattered around the area.

Quick Facts

  • If you enjoy shopping trips, you’ll feel right at home in Midtown Sacramento. There are a great number of shops and boutiques where you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for, whether it’s art supplies, biking equipment, designer clothing, household essentials, or other items.
  • Midtown Sacramento dining is an absolute treat for foodies of every type. There’s a plethora of different restaurants that range from casual to fine dining, all of which feature an amazing variety of cuisine: Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, fusion cuisine, and many more.
  • Get to see the works of talented local artists at the many galleries found in Midtown Sacramento. There are a number of interesting and unique art galleries in the area such as the Dragatomi, a gallery filled with designer toys and figures, and the Shiny Nickel Art Gallery, a gallery dedicated to urban art.

Midtown Sacramento Real Estate

If you’d like to be part of the exciting Midtown Sacramento lifestyle, there’s an excellent selection of fantastic homes available in the area. Choose from single-bedroom lofts, condos, lovely bungalows, and spacious four-bedroom homes on quiet tree-lined streets, and more.


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