Tips For Placing A Competitive Offer On Homes in Sacramento

Homes in Sacramento

One of the most difficult tasks when buying a house is making the first competitve offer. Putting in a competitive offer for homes in Sacramento does not have to be a game of chance. There are several strategies that can get buyers the home they want for a great price.

Include The Fees Involved

Depending on if the buyer and seller hire Sacramento Realtors, each party will have a certain amount of fees they must pay for the sale. Offering to cover these costs can help a seller go down on the price of the house because they do not want to handle them out of pocket.


In exchange of a higher offer, buyers can ask sellers to do some work on the home before they vacate. Do pipes need to be replaced? Is there a crack in one of the floor tiles? It will save a buyer time and money later while getting closer to the price the seller wants for the house.

Start Low

The seller might have their sales price much higher than they are willing to take for the house because they are expecting the buyer to take the price down. Both parties will end up meeting in the middle and having the middle ground lower starts with a lower offer. Even if the buyer flat out refuses the offer, the buyer can put in another one. Ask your realtor, like Mike Klein, what would be the best price at which to start.

Put On A Poker Face

This tip is especially important for a first time buyer looking at Sacramento homes for sale. Showing enthusiasm during the showing of the house tells the seller that the buyer wants the house and he is willing to pay for it. Politely smile and nod when the seller talks about the features of the house. In addition, wait a few days to put in an offer so it is not apparent how many other houses are also an option.

Ask Questions

Demonstrating knowledge of home buying is a great way to set up a competitive offer. Ask about the age of the piping and air conditioning system. What energy saving measures have the sellers installed? How old are the appliances staying with the house?

Mike Klein is one of the knowledgeable realtors in the Sacramento metropolitan area. Potential home buyers and home sellers can contact Mike to buy, sell, or invest in homes in Sacramento.

By Mike Klein

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from California State University and a law degree from McGeorge School of Law under his belt, Mike’s career and brand of service are far beyond that of a typical broker. You can count on his expert knowledge in real estate law and contract law to ensure your complete protection, whether as a buyer or a seller. Along with his tried and tested communication skills and in-depth market knowledge, this gives you an invaluable ally at the negotiating table. Mike has also successfully remodeled and built more than 30 residential properties, proving his versatility and tenacity when it comes to being a true real estate professional. As his client, you can rest assured that you have a dependable advocate by your side.