Does Sacramento Craigslist Help Sell Homes In Sierra Oaks



The Internet is truly amazing with so many websites allowing you to do-it-yourself (DIY). While this can be the best option for a simple painting project, it may not be the wisest choice for selling your home. Here are 3 reasons Sacramento Craigslist may not be the best way to sell your home.

Questionable Credentials of Potential Buyers

Craigslist is a great way to reach a lot of people very quickly. But are these people likely to have the income and credit score to purchase your Sacramento home?

There are plenty of reports of Craigslist scams out there. The website is anonymous allowing people to pretend to be what they are not. One criminal pretended to be a landlord, got the security deposit and handed over keys, but the apartment had already been leased.

The anonymity of Craiglist allows for criminals to engage in these scams quite easily. Honestly, a percentage of all Craigslists ads are fraudulent. Even Craigslist realizes this.

Sacramento Craigslist Limits Listings

In November 2013, Craiglist banned real estate agents from using fancy HTML tags and embedded links in the “For Sale” section. Craiglist believed that many of these ads were fraudulent and spam. No more fancy formatting is allowed on Sacramento Craigslist.

Now, property sold on Craiglists cannot use the most attractive features – HTML and links – that are standard for the World Wide Web. Craiglist home listings must be very drab. Hiring a Sierra Oaks Sacramento Realtor, like Mike Klein, can help you use the power of the Internet without being unnecessarily restrained by Craiglist rules.

Sell Your Home in Personal Way

A home buyer wants to envision himself or herself living in your home. A great real estate agent can use landscaping and lights to help sell the property.

MLS Sacramento can offer a lot of information to those who want to purchase their dream home. When you hire Sierra Oaks Sacramento real estate agent Mike Klein, you can leverage his website to post HTML or embedded links to offer the best content. The best content attracts the best buyers.

A professional Sierra Oaks Sacramento real estate agent has experience in the business. He understands Sacramento market trends.

Experienced real estate agents can also shelter you from any potential con artists. They know what to look for. You don’t need to waste your time with criminals or individuals who are not serious.

Offer First-Class Home Selling Experience

The best Sierra Oaks Sacramento real estate agent can shelter you from any dangers. Your real estate agent can help you sell at the best price in a faster amount of time. Contact Mike Klein if you want to sell an East Sacramento home.

By Mike Klein

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from California State University and a law degree from McGeorge School of Law under his belt, Mike’s career and brand of service are far beyond that of a typical broker. You can count on his expert knowledge in real estate law and contract law to ensure your complete protection, whether as a buyer or a seller. Along with his tried and tested communication skills and in-depth market knowledge, this gives you an invaluable ally at the negotiating table. Mike has also successfully remodeled and built more than 30 residential properties, proving his versatility and tenacity when it comes to being a true real estate professional. As his client, you can rest assured that you have a dependable advocate by your side.