Reasons To Purchase Fabulous Forties Home In East Sacramento

Reasons To Purchase Fabulous Forties Home In East Sacramento
Reasons To Purchase Fabulous Forties Home In East Sacramento

The Fabulous Forties neighborhood in East Sacramento has a lot of offer buyers and investors. Several houses are also on the market ranging from $300,000 to $1.5 million.

Many neighborhoods in Sacramento have historical significance. The Fabulous Forties is no different. It reflects a time when streetcars were one of the main modes of transportation in Sacramento but they could take you anywhere in the city. Sacred Heart hosts tours of the homes. While Ronald Reagan was California’s governor, he lived in a Fabulous Forties house. It was once home to the Alhambra Theater which was at the present site of the Safeway. There is also a deodar cedar tree famous for being more than a century old. That is a feat nearly a; the trees in the United States will never have.

Not only does Nancy Reagan still live in the neighborhood, but several celebrities have homes there including earthquake and basketball announcer Jim Kozimor, State Senator Carol Liu, and chef, entrepreneur, and author Biba Caggiano. For investors, this can make houses in the neighborhood valuable. For home buyers, it is a chance to impress friends and colleagues.

Most of the houses have had renovations to make them larger or give them a second floor, but there are still some small and quaint houses which would be perfect for students or retirees. They also come in various styles from Tuscan to Ranch. Any family could find the perfect home in the Fabulous Forties neighborhood. Since there have already been renovations to personalize houses, investors will have to spend less money updating their real estate investments.

Finally, the neighborhood is perfectly situated to fit everyone’s needs and desires. It is close to California State University, its medical center, and its health system. A student could get his degree and make a life for himself there. An investor could buy a house and rent it out to students, making money almost immediately on the house and allowing it to make money long-term. Sacramento County’s electric company, SMUD, is nearby along with St. Francis all girls catholic high school. Jobs and education are the foundation of a future and both can be found in the Fabulous Forties neighborhood.

A Fabulous Forties home is a great place to start a family or invest in real estate. There is potential in every home for every home buyer.

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