FSBO: Places To List Sacramento Homes For Sale

FSBO: Sacramento Homes

Sacramento is the capital of California with a metropolitan population of 2,400,000 in 2010. “Time” awarded the city with the “America’s Most Diverse City” award. If you are interested in For Sale By Owner, here are places to list Sacramento homes for sale.

Sacramento Bee Newspaper Reaches Many Readers

Founded in 1857, the “Sacramento Bee Newspaper” is the largest newspaper in Sacramento, fifth largest in California and 27th largest in the United States. Its daily circulation is 279,032 and Sunday circulation is 324,613. The second editor of the “Sacramento Bee” was James McClatchy.

The McClatchy Newspaper Group has become one of the largest print media groups in the country after purchasing Knight-Ridder in 2006. McClatchy newspapers have a daily circulation of 2.2 million and Sunday circulation of 2.8 million. As such, it is a great place to advertise Sacramento homes for sale.

Buyers and sellers should contact the “Sacramento Bee” to learn more about their advertisements. East Sacramento real estate can be listed in the print newspaper or on the website at (http://www.sacbee.com/classified-ads/). Like most newspapers, there are also affiliated publications with For Sale By Owner options.

Wide Selection Found in Luxury Home Magazine

Another good print magazine for FSBO is “Luxury Home Magazine.” This glossy print magazine has graduated to being a great “coffee table manual on the best homes in an area.” Although it was founded in Portland, Oregon in 2002, it opened its second magazine in Sacramento, California in 2005. Thus, it knows the Sacramento area intimately.

Luxury Home” is a national brand but offers to make the best homes available for local real estate agents. People can find very attractive listings in the print version or online at (http://www.luxuryhomemagazine.com/). The company continues to upgrade its services.

Hire Sacramento Real Estate Agent Klein

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By Mike Klein

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