Downtown Sacramento: Finding a Great Home in a Big and Bustling City

The Very Best Options Among Sacramento Homes for Sale
The Very Best Options Among Sacramento Homes for Sale

If you’re looking for homes for sale in East Sacramento, you’re also probably wondering who would be the best Sacramento real estate agent to call. And, that’s the easy part. Mike Klein is the East Sac real estate professional that you can really count on. He’s the consummate realtor in all situations, whether you’re interested in renting, investing, buying or selling, as well as all local areas, including Midtown Sacramento, Downtown Sacramento, Land Park, Arden Park, Wilhaggin, Sierra Oaks, River Park, and Curtis Park.

When it comes to effective communication on your behalf, you can rest assured that Mike will always have your best interest at heart and will maintain constant contact with you during every step of the process. He genuinely strives to understand your needs and those of all of his clients, so that he can exceed your Sacramento homes for sale expectations. You can always count on Mike to be your loyal supporter when searching for and negotiating a deal on homes for sale in East Sacramento.

In addition to being the go-to Sacramento real estate agent for people from all walks of life and financial situations, he has also built or remodeled 30 plus residential properties. This is truly a testament to Mike’s determination and flexibility in the entire real estate field. And, Mike has a background in more than just his chosen field of handling transactions on homes for sale in East Sacramento.

After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications at California State University, Mike also garnered a McGeorge School of Law degree, making him much more than just an average real estate broker. He brings to the table the added benefits of his law degree when negotiating contracts. This can help you, as a real estate client, by imparting his legal knowledge to your real estate transaction. It’s just a given that real estate contracts can be difficult to navigate sometimes. But, Mike’s wide range of knowledge in contract and real estate law can be an invaluable tool that can save you money and make your transaction go as smoothly as possible by being constantly on top of the contractual process.

Whether you’re searching for Sacramento homes for sale, or something more along the lines of Midtown or Downtown rentals, you couldn’t have a better ally than Mike Klein. His real estate negotiating experience is second to none because of his extensive market knowledge and superior communication skills born from years as a well-known and respected Sacramento real estate agent. And, just as important in this fast-paced world, he really cares and gives back to the communities in and around the Sacramento area.

“If you would like to know more about me, my background and the work that I’ve done, or if you would like to discuss the real estate market in East Sac and other Sacramento areas, feel free to get in touch with me!” You may contact me directly at 916.502.2775 or email me at

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By Mike Klein

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from California State University and a law degree from McGeorge School of Law under his belt, Mike’s career and brand of service are far beyond that of a typical broker. You can count on his expert knowledge in real estate law and contract law to ensure your complete protection, whether as a buyer or a seller. Along with his tried and tested communication skills and in-depth market knowledge, this gives you an invaluable ally at the negotiating table. Mike has also successfully remodeled and built more than 30 residential properties, proving his versatility and tenacity when it comes to being a true real estate professional. As his client, you can rest assured that you have a dependable advocate by your side.