Classical Sac Fab 40’s House Has Four Advantages

Classical Sac Fab 40′s House Has Four Advantages
Classical Sac Fab 40′s House Has Four Advantages

One of the most established and interesting neighborhoods in Sacramento is an area in East Sacramento called the Fabulous Forties, often referred to as the Fab 40’s. This classic area of Sacramento is ideal for families and individuals who are looking to put down roots in our community. The Fab 40’s is located at the end of a once extensive streetcar network that covered nearly all the historic neighborhoods of the city. It’s also one of our agency’s favorite locations to buy and sell homes. These four reasons make it clear why it’s one of the best places to live in the Sacramento area.

A Fab 40’s house is definitely not like those in a tract community where there are only four or five different styles. Here we can show our clients a charming range of architectural styles, beginning with bungalows built in the 1920s and including European revival styles from the 1930s to ranch houses popular in the 1940s and 19502. Lots here are also among some of the largest in the city. No two houses are alike, meaning each street you go down is different. The neighborhood is also drop dead gorgeous with mature trees and lots of established landscaping. Many Fab 40’s homes also participate in the neighborhood’s impressive display of holiday lights each December, an annual event that is a must-see for locals.

Another great advantage that the Fab 40’s has is the wide variety of housing prices. We sell Fabulous Forties homes ranging in price from $300,000 to over $1 million, meaning our clients will live in a neighborhood with many different types of people. Most homes sell for under $500,000. The housing market in this area is also stable, which means our clients never have to worry about resale value if they choose to sell.

Yet, once our clients move into the Fab 40s, they rarely want to leave. This historic neighborhood, once home to Ronald Reagan when he was governor of California is one where families love to put down roots. It’s popular because residents here are generally considered friendly, the streets here are slightly wider than in other established Sacramento neighborhoods and its close to downtown Sacramento, making it ideal for government workers.

While many residents find the proximity to downtown Sacramento attractive, we also recommend East Sacramento because it’s almost like a city within a city. The Fab 40s has several established parks that are great for recreation. All types of amenities and services are here, from great local shopping to nightlife and a wide variety of ethnic and trendy restaurants. It’s no wonder that a Fab 40’s house is a great investment.

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