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Home owners in East Sacramento who are hoping to increase their home equity should make wise decisions and take the right actions with the guidance of their Sacramento real estate agent. Equity can be defined as the difference between the property value and the mortgage balance. So your goal is to decrease your mortgage loan balance and increase your home value. Owing less is owning more. Just waiting for home prices to go up making your home more valuable is one way to increase the value of your home. Values are expected to increase due to the expected federal interest rate increase. When looking at homes for sale in East Sacramento, your Sacramento real estate agent can lead you through the process, help find the best financing, and advise you on increasing your home equity.

Making mortgage payments , making an extra payment during the year, and making larger mortgage payment gives you greater home equity and a quicker pay off. Making biweekly mortgage payments will decrease your mortgage, save you on interest payments and build greater equity quicker. Refinance for shorter mortgage term and lower mortgage rate will increase the size of payments but you will build equity faster. If you never refinance, you will retain the equity in your home. If you refinance a 30 year mortgage into a 15 year mortgage, you may even retain your current equity will building greater equity by making larger payments. These actions will reduce your debt and increase your equity.

Home improvements increase the value of your home and it will sell for more. When buyers visit, having a clean and uncluttered home will improve its appeal. Removing the clutter from your yard will also allow you to get a higher asking price than one cluttered with old cars, cloths lines or overgrown and untidy grass and shrubs. Maintenance and upkeep also increases the value of your home and your equity because it will sell for more. Do not borrow to make improvements or you lose equity by increasing your debt. Investing in your home’s curb appeal will be rewarded with you home value increasing and your equity as well. New paint and carpet, lighting and cleanliness, and plants and flowers all will increase the value of your home at listing.

When looking for Sacramento homes for sale, look in a community with highly valued homes because your equity will be greater. Your Sacramento real estate agent can lead you to the best value for your money. A bigger down payment is automatic equity, lower interest rate, and easier financing when translated. So, in essence, paying more to reduces your principal balance faster increases your home equity. Do all you can to improve your home and its appeal as well as reducing your mortgage balance to increase your home equity. Your home is an asset that allows you to borrow against its equity for cash or to reduce the cost of purchasing another home.

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